Windshield Repair A Safe, No-Cost Option

You could be driving along a country road or a highway when a stone kicks up and hits your windshield. If you're lucky, it will bounce off the glass without any damage. If you're not, it may cause a small star-shaped crack or circular chip in the glass.
If you find a chip or a crack shorter than the length of a dollar bill, there's a good chance your windshield can be repaired—at no cost to you (Comprehensive coverage required). Why repair your windshield rather than replace it? Here are a few benefits to consider:
  1. A safe, quality repair won't cost you a penny. The Hartford will waive your deductible when a windshield is repaired vs. replaced.
  2. A repair can usually be performed at your home, your office or anywhere you might travel – typically in less than 30 minutes.
  3. Repairs improve safety by helping to restore the structural integrity of your vehicle.
  4. Repairs are environmentally friendly. Windshields are difficult to recycle due to the laminate layer between the two pieces of glass. Choosing the repair option helps keep windshields out of landfills.
If your windshield is damaged, contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible and report the damage before it grows worse. This ensures the best chance that a repair will be possible. We will either arrange a repair for you, or you can select your own repair shop and we can help arrange service

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